Who We are

Funny you should ask!

What happens when you fuse together a creative agency, a strategic consultancy, and a technology powerhouse?

You get DOPE Studio!

We create [D]ata driven, fully [O]ptimized, top [P]erforming, digital [E]xperiences and we love partnering with clients that get it!

We bring in all our talent and expertise to solve business and marketing problems in unique and genuinely refreshing ways that work.


We make this happen through ultra-cool and engaging content, intelligent ecommerce websites, insanely personalized loyalty & marketing automation experiences, almost creepily targeted programmatic media campaigns, crisp & addictive mobile apps & tailor-made software.


We are DOPE Studio

Domain Migrations

debunking the myths

There’s a widespread theory that domain migrations result in a de facto organic traffic & rankings loss. Well, we couldn’t disagree more. Download our DOPE Insights and check out how a well-planned multi-domain migration resulted in an almost immediate & significant organic growth for one of our clients.

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Domain Migrations debunking the myths


DOPE Rocks the Stage

This year we celebrate 5 years of DOPE Studio. Being named the top Independent Digital Agency of the year means a lot to us

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Deep Relationships

Deep Relationships > Deep Data

Taking your loyalty program beyond Points & Discounts is key to differentiate against competitors and stay ahead of the curve. Yannis Piperakis the CEO of DOPE and a seasoned Digital Marketing Technologist/Loyalty Strategy expert, explains what it takes to bring your Loyalty building efforts to the next level, increasing your ROI to all time highs.

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Deep Relationships > Deep Data

Vechro Website

Color bombed UX & UI design

Vechro is one of the largest paints and varnish manufacturers in Greece and they have invested in ecofriendly products aiming towards a more sustainable environment. Please note we’re talking about paint. Yes, COLORRR! Lots and lots of it! We loved it. We worked it full on!

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Vechro website case study

DOPE Unplugged

A truly DOPE-astic exclusive event!

That’s right- we held a private event and invited aaaall our clients! Not only did we share and discuss the hottest new digital trends, but we also pinpointed the winning marketing scheme for 2020!

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DOPE Unplugged

Alumil portal

New era in website personalization

Alumil is one of the most advanced aluminum systems companies globally, with 30 years of experience, 12 factories scattered across 6 countries but not a single website that could harness all that rich potential

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Alumil website case study

Our Team

Junior Designer
Baxevani Despina
Head of SEO
Nikos Taskos
Senior Digital Project Manager
Niki Gyra
UI/UX Specialist
Alexandros Perikleidakis
Digital Copywriter
Vangelis Chrysochoou
Web Developer
George Kontogouris
Creative Director
Chrysanthi Papastafida
Ux / Ui Designer
Mariniki Dougia
Finance Director
Gregory Gasparatos
Head Technologist
Christiana Kogevina
Elena Bournia
Head of Support
Giannis Dedegikas
.NET Developer
Magda Zafeiriou
Web Developer
Fotis Panokis
Andrew O’Carroll
Business Analyst
Theodora Deltona
Senior Technologist
Vicky Anastassini
Junior Designer
Foula Anastasopoulou
Y. Piperakis Papadakis
Senior Art Director
Nora Korfiati
Motion Director
Kyriacos Tzouanakos
QA & Data Entry Specialist
Vassia Arka
Motion Designer
Ilias Mitropoulos
PHP Developer
George Koufalakos
Digital Production Executive
Miltos Styliaris
Digital Account Manager – CRM specialist
Chryssa Tsakiri
Performance Marketing Lead
Eleftheria Topouzi
Digital Copywriter
Nektarios Kouvaras
Junior Designer
Dimitra Chrysovergi
Digital Copywriter
Maria Tereza Kyparissi
Performance Marketing Manager
Katerina Ntioudi
Head of Comms, DOPE Tirana
Brijana Alla
Konstantinos Kalaitzakis
Digital Account Manager
Dimitra Mega
Junior Loyalty Specialist
Niki Beta
Senior SEO Specialist
Christos Skandalos
Performance Marketing Manager
Katerina Raspitou Gomes
Performance Marketing Director
Panos Drivas
SEO Specialist
Fay Sideri
Senior Art Director
Lefteris Protopapas
Account Director
Stella Doukaki
Digital Account Manager
Maria-Aliki Gourna
Senior Copywriter
Chris Baskakis
Digital Copywriter
Joanna Vouloumpasaki
Digital Copywriter
Anna Karambela
Digital Account Executive
Anthie Giakoumidaki
Junior Email Marketing Specialist
Danae Katri
Account Director
Mary Zolotaki

Our Clients